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Harmeet Dhaliwal

Part Owner, CEO

Harmeet’s love for bhangra comes from his father.  His late father, Ravi Dhaliwal had a deep love for Punjabi music, which he shared with Harmeet.  After Harmeet met the Sahota family in his early teens, his love for music combined with their love for bhangra.  This led to the creation of Apna Bhangra Crew in 2006.  Through his years of successful dancing with ABC, Harmeet has turned into a natural born leader with a huge focus on our youth.  His love for kids, and helping them grow through bhangra, is why we are grateful to have him be a part of this team!  His energetic teaching style, with exuberating enthusiasm is a site to see in action! 

Outside of ABC Dance Center, Harmeet graduated from the University of Washington and works fulltime in healthcare as a Physician Recruiter. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and has a keen interest in fashion.

Karan Sahota

Part Owner, CFO

Kenny’s passion for bhangra commenced at the age of 13 when he performed at local shows with his brother and cousins, that eventually lead to forming their team, ABC. The drive he has to help others learn and understand bhangra in a very positive way is the reason why Kenny brings high value to the organization. Not only does he teach classes, but also helps facilitate the backend operations of ABC Dance Center to ensure our students have an establishment where they can express themselves freely through dance!

Kenny is a full-time IT Consultant who graduated from the University of Washington. He loves to stay active, healthy, and spend time with his loved ones!


Arjun Sahota

Part Owner, President

Arjun found his true passion for Bhangra for the first time he’s ever set foot on stage for a big performance. For him, being able to make people stand to their feet cheering for you without them knowing who you are was simply unbelievable. As ABC came alive in 2006, a brotherhood was forever created along with a mentality of never giving up. Bhangra means so much to Arjun because of the memories he’s made and the discipline he’s learned from it. His love for kids is always at an all time high, he pushes them to become a better version of themselves as a dancer and person. He’s always ready to teach a class full of kids on any given day. 

Arjuns story outside of ABCDC: Graduated from DeVry University with a double major “Health Service Management & Technical Management” he has worked as a consultant for various companies. He loves to workout and stay in shape. His favorite sports to play growing up was soccer and basketball. Traveling and trying new restaurants is very important to him

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